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Episode 36 – Ain’t No Party Like An Incorrigible Party
Hello Listener! In their thirty sixth episode, the boys invite the members of the Dungeons and Dragons let’s play podcast,…
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Episode 35 – B Movie Bravo
Hello Listener! Welcome to the thirty fifth episode of The T-Hud Popcast! On today’s episode, the boys have on another…
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Episode 34 – Spatial Anomaly
Hello Listener! It’s time for Moby and Leland’s first regular episode of 2019 where they banter about The Forest’s release…
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Episode 33 – Jingle Yells
Join the boys in their thirty third episode! They briefly banter about Super Smash Bros, the rip off artists at…
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Episode 32 – He’s SuperGeekaaayyy!
Hello Listener! In their thirty second episode, the boys welcome Randy Green to the third hosting chair. Leland drags on…
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Episode 31 – You Win Or You Die
Hello Listener! Welcome back for the thirty-first episode of The T-Hud Popcast where the boys have on their first guest!…
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